Clean air, rolling countryside and great natural beaches where you can walk for hours looking at the big ships passing by. Langeland seems like it was made for camping. 

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When you travel with your own caravan you can choose between spaces that are closer to the center of the camping and all facilities or further away and enjoy the quietest spaces. You can find places with or without electricity, close to water and with or without wifi. 



If you have your tent with, on the campground there are two special areas designed for you. Even if you are looking for shade or the sun we can find a place that fits most your needs. You can find places with or without electricity, close to water and with or without wifi.  



For you that drives around in an autocamper and likes to be in and out fast, we have a designated autocamper space at a special price of 130 kr /day for 2 persons. Also on the campsite you can empty your water and toilet and recharge your batteries for the next trip. The autocamper spot is marked with orange on the map.

If you want to enjoy everything Langeland has to offer, choosing Færgegården will allow you to be close to it all but still sheltered from the madness. No matter if you travel with you caravan, tent or auto camper we have a place designed for you.


At Færgegårdens Camping you can come and be yourself, enjoy your free time in your own undisturbed rhythm.  

Facilities at Færgegården's Camping

Service buildings

Toilets. Kitchens. Laundry. 

The camping is equipped with two newly renovated sanitary buildings. Here  you can find:

  •  Toilets and showers separated in common and family rooms

  •  Two kitchens equipped with fridge, oven, micro oven, sinks and electrical hot plates so you won't miss the essential comfort of home 

  • A laundry with a washing machine and a dryer. 

Fishing facilities

Cleaning station. Freezer. Smoke Oven.

We know that many of you are passionate fishers therefore on the site we have:

  • Special spaces for cleaning and file the fish 

  • Special freezers for storing 

  • A smoke oven for the fish 

Facilities for cycling tourist

Storage. Air pump. Map. Reparation. 

When you need to stop and recharge your batteries or maybe your bikes we offer: 

  • Possibility to store your bike in a closed shelter 

  • Air pump or compressor 

  • Bicycle map 

  • Possibility to buy repair kits. 

Clothing Store
Clothing Store
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