The Island & Area

Plentiful Possibilities

During the year Langeland offers many great adventures. Below you find a narrow selection of various possibilities locally in Spodsbjerg and generally at Langeland.   

We recommend that you drop by the reception, where we have a lot of information and folders about the attractions on Langeland. We would always be happy advising you with what you can enjoy and explore on Langeland doing your stay.  


The Harbour in Spodsbjerg

There is nothing like an evening walk on the harbour. To wonder on the piers, looking at the  yachts and ferry sailing in, as well as the local fishermen bringing in the nets and handling the daily catch.

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Eating & Shopping

During the season you can enjoy delicious grill food and ice cream just in front of the camping at our little grill bar or get some fresh fish dishes at the kiosk next to the ferry. 


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The Beach

Right across the camping, we have a cozy sand beach, which is perfect for swimming and fun in the waves.  But the beach is not only for bathing, 100 m from the camping starts a wonderful natural beach where you can find peace by taking a hike along the Øhavstien trail or a walk with your best four legged friend.  

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Spodsbjerg offers diverse fishing opportunities for sport anglers. Right across the campsite is Spodsbjerg harbour, where it is possible to rent an angling boat, launch your own or embark on a boat trip together with other fishermen . If you are into coast angling or look for opportunities for underwater fishing, only 100 meters from the campsite starts one of Langeland’s best fishing coastlines.

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More about Langeland

Art & Artisians

Langeland is the home of many artists and their galeries offer you a glimes in how they experience life. Visit them and take home a piece of Langeland.  

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History and Museum

Learn more about the old days on langeland or about the people and their passions from the many museums on the island.

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Langeland's coastline naturally offers endless opportunities for the beachfront. But the island's special moraine with over 1000 "hat hills" or "virgin breasts," as they are called, gives the landscape a unique appearance. Biking or walking are only a few options of how to enjoy nature on Langeland. 

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The biggest natural playground

 If you are traveling with your family, Langeland can be your playground. With entertainment for small and big you can experience the island independent of the weather through its many special activities. 

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